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New Layout!

=/ Ouch.
I haven't been on here in a while but I have many good reasons; one of them being as I'm super busy. Expect alot of icons and banners soon =]
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Larxene 1


I'm getting used to my contacts! I can put them in and out really fast now. Summer has been ok for me. I like how every time I make plans with my friends they always fall through and one of them ditches me, what 'friends' right? & If I say something to them, It will be "starting something" I hate drama, and my friends know I don't start dumb crap like that but, they'd use it against me, just so it all falls on me :/, I'm prett tired right now XD. I'm still twidling with photoshop and trying to make icons, etc. I wish I could stay up later and work on it but my mom flips out on me. OH! I can't wait to get my application in for my job. I now know of 3 places that I can work at XD. Reach For the Star's :D!